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ECF Go Live Date 6/4/2004
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Court's Address PO Box 2164, Spokane, WA 99210
Court's Phone Number (509) 458-5300
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Court's Hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday, excluding holidays

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
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Flag Definitions
11disclfldChapter 11 Disclosure Statement Filed
11plnfldChapter 11 Plan Filed
13PlanFiledCh 13 Plan Filed
341Cont341 Meeting Cont to date after Obj to Disch Deadline
341SetCh 7 new case flag - set until 341 meeting held event filed
727OBJObjection to the Discharge of the Debtor
ABUSE707(b) Abuse
APLBAPAppeal at Bankrutpcy Appellate Panel
APLDISTAppeal at District Court
APPEALAppeal Filed
APPEAL9thAppeal to US Court of Appeals for 9th Circuit
ASSETSAssets Available for Distribution
BARDEBTORDebtor Barred
CLOSEDCase Closed
CONFIRMEDCase Confirmed
CONSConsolidated Case
CONVERTEDCase Converted
ConvPendConversion Pending
DEFERFiling Fee Deferred
DEFERPendApplication to Defer Filing Fee Pending
DISMISSEDCase Dismissed
DISMISSED1One Debtor Dismissed
DSMNOCLOSEReview for objections to dismissal order
DeBN-YesDebtor Electronic Noticing (DeBN)
DeBNDeactivatedDebtor Electronic Noticing (DeBN) - Deactivated
DebtEdDebtor Education Course Due
DebtEd2Debtor Education Course - 1 of joint
DischDenyDischarge Denied
DischRevokeDischarge Revoked
DomesticDueDomestic Support Obligations Certificate Due
DomesticDue2Domestic Support Obligations Certificate Due - 1 of joint
DsclsDueDisclosure Statement Due
EXEMPTFee Exempt
EXNOCLOSENotice of Exemptions (Schedule C) filed
EnlargeTimeEnlarge Time
ExhibitsCase has exhibits
ExtendTimeExtend Time
ExtendTimeCertExtend Time to File Certification
FederalExemptionFederal Exemption
FeeDueINSTInstallment Payment Due
IFPIFP fee Waived
IFPendIFP Pending
IneligCloseDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto close
IneligDischDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto discharge
JNTADMNJointly Administered
LEADLead Case
LMTDMMLLimited Mailing List Approved
M1519Motion for Provisional Relief Section 1519
M1521/1507Motion for Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard
MEANSUMeans Unknown
MEDIATIONMediator appointed
MEMBERMember of an Associated Case
MONEYDeposit of Funds with Clerk
NOASSETNo Assets Available
NODISCHDo Not Discharge
NoAutoDischDo not allow Auto Discharge for this case
NtcAgentNoticing Agent
OBJ1515Objection to Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Section 1515
OBJ1519Objection to Provisional Relief Section 1519
OBJ1521/1507Objection to Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
ORD1515Order on Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Section 1515
ORD1519Order on Motion for Provisional Relief Section 1519
ORD1521/1507Order on Motion for Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
OmbudsmanHealthcare Ombudsman
PlnDuePlan Due
PriorCaseDebtor Received Discharge in Prior Case
PriorCase1One Debtor Received Discharge in Prior Case
ProSePro Se Case
REAFReaffirmation Pending
REOPENEDReopened Case
ReCONVERTEDCase Reconverted
RegistryFundsFunds Deposited in Court Registry
ReliefOrderedVoluntary Relief Ordered
RepeatPACERprior BK filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
ReqSepNtcDebtor's Request for Separate Notice
RevCloseReviewed for closing
RevDischCase Reviewed for Discharge
SEALEDDOC(S)Sealed Documents in Case
SETTLEMENTJUDGESettlement Judge order entered
SPLITCASEJoint Case Divided
SmBusSubVSmall Business Subchapter V
SmBusinessSmall Business
StateExemptionState Exemption
TRANSINCase Transferred Into District
TRANSOUTCase Transferred Out of District
UnpaidFeesUnpaid Fees - Notice of Fees Due and Owing
WTRSVRENDWithdrawal of Trustee Services Rendered
WaiveFiling Fee Waived
eSROpened from an eSR package

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